Heatwave in Queensland to be followed by storms

In the last week of October, Queensland has experienced heavy rainfall and thunderstorms as it braces for wetter weather. Although the storms were forecasted to be milder compared to previous ones, a significant amount of hail and wind gusts are also expected.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) predicted potentially severe thunderstorms particularly in the Wide Bay Burnett region, which was already experiencing severe thunderstorms.

The Coast Guard has warned sailors in this region of strong winds off the coast. The warning came after a scorching weekend in various parts of the country, with temperatures exceeding 40°C.

The weather has also gotten more humid in other states like New South Wales. The rest of Sydney is bracing itself for a series of mild and partly cloudy days, with temperatures ranging up to 31°C.

With temperatures around 20°C, Melbourne experienced rainfall the whole week.

Besides a storm today, Darwin is likely to experience sporadic rain this week. The city may have some of the hottest temperatures in the country, with some days expected to reach 35°C.

Adelaide, Perth and Hobart will also see some rain but no major events are expected.

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